The Ecologists from Bowantz are specialists when it comes to Habitat & Nesting box installation.

Our lead ecologists have been installing habitat and nesting boxes for over 10 years across many different vegetation communities. Some of the native fauna we have housed include micro bats such as the East Coast Freetail Bat (Mormopterus norfolkensis), larger arboreal marsupials like the Yellow Bellied Glider (Petaurus australis) and all types of cavity nesting birds such as the beautiful Glossy Black Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus lathami).

With a broad knowledge of animal behaviours and preferred habitat criteria, our ecologists select the perfect location for your required habitat box. Bowantz provides a certification letter with the installation of your new habitat structures including GPS locations of all boxes and a monitoring program to comply with all of the requirements for your Development Application.

Pictured is a recent job Bowantz completed in Yallah NSW in June consisting of 43 different habitat boxes for many types of local fauna.


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