Bowantz Bushfire and Environmental have been implementing on ground environmental works for Collins for many years at their Spring Farm operations site. These ongoing works include controlling weeds, managing pest animal populations, undertaking revegetation works, stabilising river banks and monitoring native wildlife habitation on the site. We were recently engaged by the client to develop a new environmental restoration management plan for the site. The restoration management plan is an operational requirement for the extraction site to comply with licensing and respond to both legislative and regulatory controls for the site.

This plan is designed to:

  • Assess and evaluate the environmental condition of the site at a given point in time, identify both threats and opportunities for environmental conservation and restoration activities.
  • Map and measure desired restoration work tasks and activities and forward plan the delivery of works programs.
  • Proposed environmental monitoring and restoration activities are presented in costed budgets to reflect licensing and regulatory requirements and incorporating key temporal and seasonal timelines so the client has a clear guide and plan relating to the environmental management expectation of the site.

We have been delivering on these recommended actions through our works and operations crew and have focused the efforts of our on ground works toward these key prescribed environmental planning objectives.

The full annual environmental management report is available below. This report is a very concise and well received document for industry standards and if you would like to discuss development of a environmental management plan for your project, contact us today.

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