Bowantz Bushfire & Environmental Pty Ltd has been working with some innovative technology recently undertaking scientific trials with a new herbicide tree injector. Bioherbicides Australia and the University of Queensland has engaged Bowantz to aid in the trial and data collection of this new exciting technology. Bioherbicides Australia is developing this tree injector which holds over 30 individual capsules that are injected directly into the cambium layer of the target woody weed species. This method has next to no exposure to the surrounding ecosystem, operators, or local fauna species which makes it ideal for use in sensitive areas such as water catchments and endangered ecological communities.

Over the past 6 months Bowantz has been collecting some very promising results on several key invasive weed species including; Salix cinerea, Salix fragilis, Ligustrum sinense, Ligustrum lucidum, Crataegus monogyna, & Solanum mauritianum to name a few. Bowantz is enthusiastic about the future of this new technology in our industry and has begun giving workshop demonstrations to community groups and volunteer organisations in our local area. Find out more information at

Bowantz has been providing these trial services to; Private landholders, Local Councils, Local Land Services, Water NSW, Office of Environment & Heritage & ACT National Parks & Conservation Services to name a few.

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