The Bowantz Bushfire & Environmental team installed 108 nesting boxes this week through the fire grounds in Manyana NSW, to provide a few more locals somewhere to live.

Since the recent busfires destroyed thousands of hectared of trees it is more important than ever to provide homes for native species, including endangered native fauna.

Here are a few questions that we get about nesting box installations:

Why is it so important to have nesting boxes installed after such a bushfire event?

Many of our native species rely on tree hollows for roosting and breeding purposes, especially a large amount of our endangered native fauna. The recent bushfires have destroyed a lot of these hollows by burning them out or simply because fire has effected old hollow trees so severely that they have fallen over.

What species are these nesting boxes for?

The nesting boxes we have installed recently are for a large number of different species including; Gliders, Birds, Possums, Microbats, Phascogale and other arboreal marsupials.

Are there different designs for different species?

Each box is designed for a specific species with different entrance diameters and constructions. The internals of the boxes are also designed to encourage the given species to make this their new home.

How do nesting boxes help the overall habitat?

Nesting boxes encourage native species to inhabit an area due to roosting and breeding capabilities that would otherwise not be available. Some species would use the area transiently to feed then move on to a suitable habitable place to sleep and or breed.

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