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Bowantz Bushfire & Environmental

Established in 2006 Bowantz Bushfire & Environmental has been working to improve, modify and restore natural environments. By actively delivering responsible project outcomes that incorporate sustainability and innovative practice we have been a sound market choice by our clients for over ten years.

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Professional Capabilities

  •  Our professional development and acquisition of skills have been generated through our extensive involvement in delivery of multi-faceted environmental projects involving water quality, soil conservation, ecological restoration and aquatic / terrestrial landscape rehabilitation for clients representing all economic sectors.
  • With specialised skills in the natural sciences, practical project design and implementation, environmental planning / legislation and project management our career experiences support our competence and diligence in practice.
  • We have a proven demonstrable record in providing quality outcomes, which generates trust and certainty for clients.
  • We provide a range on integrated and non-integrated products, our strong diversity in staff skill-sets allow us to provide a broad ranging business model that is formed from experience developed onground within the realms of active participation.